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Mountain Flight Training with Glacier Air
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Mountain Flight Training

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), a Transport Canada recognized program

Glacier Air Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilot License is designed to provide a Private Pilot with the additional knowledge and skills to assure the travelling public of safe and efficient air transportation. The minimum age for the issue of a Commercial Pilot License is 18.

The course itself includes 35 hours of dual flight instruction, plus 30 hours of solo flight training. The dual includes 5 hours night, 5 hours cross-country, and 20 hours of instrument training. The solo time must include a flight to a point at least 300 nautical miles from the departure airport, as well as 5 hours of night flying. To issue a license, the candidate must have at total of 200 hours flight time, with at least 100 hours of Pilot-in-Command (PIC).

The candidate will be required to demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge and skill through a flight test given by a Transport Canada examiner, or a person designated by Transport Canada. The flight test requirements and standards are specified in the Study & Reference Guide. An increased level of theoretical knowledge beyond that of a Private Pilot will be tested through a written examination administered by Transport Canada. A Commercial Ground School course is offered to students to gain the knowledge and experience required for the written examination.

The holder of a Commercial Pilot License or higher must obtain a Category 1 Medical Certificate. This is met through an examination by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner.

The following is a list of local doctors who are certified to conduct aviation medical exams:

Dr. Stevenson (Squamish) 604.892.5526

Dr. Rodgers (Sechelt) 604.885.2257

Dr. Burgess (Whistler) 604.932.3977

Dr. Tamplin (Whistler) 604.905.7089

To assist those who wish to pursue a Commercial License, the cost breakdown in the right column lists both the Commercial Pilot Course of 65 hours, plus the remaining “build up” time required to reach 200 hours total. The prerequisite for the Commercial Course is a Private Pilot License. To judge the price of a Commercial Pilot License starting with zero experience, add roughly $9600 to account for the Private Pilot License based on 55 hours.


** Medical Fees are paid to your doctor and Transport Canada, NOT to Glacier Air. Fees are estimates only and may vary.

All costs are effective July 1, 2010. Costs do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

All flight training is based at the Squamish Municipal Airport.

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Experience/Proficiency Flying
80 hours Solo $9,840
Commercial Course
35 hrs Dual (C172 Wheels) $6,230
30 hrs Solo (C172 Wheels) $3,690
Ground Briefings 20 hrs $1,100
Ground School Tuition & Kit $600
Medical Fees** $250
Written Exam & Flight Test Fees $450
Total Cost $12,320
Aircraft Dual $178/hr
Aircraft Solo $123/hr
Briefing $55/hr
Please note that flights with a Class 1 Instructor will be charged at a higher rate than those listed above.

Costs do not include applicable taxes.

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